Farhad Berberi

Aquaculture expert

Marine biologist

Farhad Berberi

Aquaculture expert

Marine biologist

a little about me

I was born in an Afghan immigrant family in Iran. My parents, despite being illiterate, have always Encouraged me to study and pursue higher education, and despite all the problems we Have faced in Iran, such as housing, residency, education problems and etc. I passed all the educational levels with the best grades (among the top 5 grades of the class). Throughout my life, I have learned to work hard and stay calm to be the best I can be. As a child, I learned to be content with my family's poverty but live big dreams. The answer to which is given in maintaining peace and progress, and in my early youth I realized that I have become a man who must follow two principles in his life: 1. Achieve success and pride for myself and my family.2 pursue complete peace. Now that I'm in my late twenties, I believe I deserve both.

  • Age;29
  • residence: Islamic Republic of Iran
  • degree: Master of aquaculture
  • Bachelor of Marine biology
My skills
Aquaculture expert
Marine biologist
Basketball player
My Awards

Two Attendance at the NationalChemistry and Biology Olympiad

Two Bronze medal of university basketball competitions

One patent

My scientific life


• M.Sc. in Aquaculture (GPA 3.27) 2015-2018- Tehran University(ranked no.1 in Iran according to Academic Ranking of World Universities 2019)
• Thesis: Study on the effects of LED irradiance under different
photoperiods on biomass Production and effects of LED irradiance
and sodium orthovandate tensions on the Astaxanthin production in
green microalgae Haematococcuspluvialis.
• Supervisor: Dr. MehrdadFarhangi: medfarhangi@ut.ac.ir

• B.SC. in Marine Biology (GPA 3.30) 2010- 2015- Islamic Azad University, North Branch, Faculty of Marine Science and Technology (One of the first Marine Science Universities in Iran).
• B.Sc. projects:
1. Study on the pond aquacultures basics.
Supervisor: Dr. Ardalan: a-ardalan@iau-tnb.ac.ir
2. Study on the Persian Gulf intertidal zone.
Supervisor: Dr. Sadeghi: m_sadegh@iau-tnb.ac.ir

• TOEFL (80/ 120) 2020


1. Study on the effects of different Photo-Cycles irradiance by red LED
(630-665 nm) on the biomass cultivation of H.pluvialis (in preparation)

2. Study on the effects of sodium orthovandate and blue LED
irradiance (430-465 nm) on the astaxanthin production of H.pluviali
(in preparation).

Congress/ Workshop Precipitation/ Presentations:

1. Study On the Haematococcus Pluvialis life Cycle and production. (Iranian Biological & Resource Center).
2. Isolation and purification of photosynthetic microalgae from the environment (Iranian Biological & Resource Center)
3. 9th international Conference on algae biomass, Biofuel & bioproducts (Colorado, USA) (I accepted for poster presentation but I couldn’t participate).
4. Snorkeling (Persian Gulf).